I always mean to keep our website current during our season, but as it turns out, it gets a little crazy around here at that time!  Here are some of our highlights:

Between LOTS of weeding, nematode injections for vine borers, cultivating and good weather, we had an amazing crop this year!
Kate’s AMAZING caramels! I have never had such fresh, delicious caramel in my whole life.
We finally had success with Indian corn! And just look at those gorgeous colors!
Not only did Kate make amazing caramels, but she made amazing cookies and caramel apples too!
Cooper Crafts! Their stuff is just so darling! Visit their facebook page to see what they are making now!
Our soy candles of course!
Mums grown at Kishwaukee College! We were so happy to work with our alma mater!
Lots of varieties!
Hedge apples for those pesky spiders!
A new fun cut out for the kids!
Cute gourd-loving babies and a new photo area! All of the varieties are grown here with no harmful chemical sprays!
Superman visited. No big deal.
Lots of new wax warmers to choose from!



It was an epic season for us!  Thank you to everyone who came out!  We are already making plans for our 2019 season to make it even better!  We couldn’t do this without you!  Thank you so very much for continuing to follow our journey, share our story with others and support us as we follow our dreams!  God bless you all!