Join us on our opening day, September 29, 2018 for our best selection!  We will be open daily through October from sun up to sun down!  Our hand poured soy candles, baked goods and pumpkin carvers will also be available for purchase on the weekends!  We can’t wait to see everyone!  XOXO

It is very exciting to walk around in the fields these days!  We are really looking forward to our harvest next month!


We attempted to grow a warty variety last year and didn’t have any luck so this beauty is really making us happy!


“Oh Mom!  That is a really good pumpkin!”  Yes buddy!  I agree!  One of the very best things about what we do is sharing the excitement with our growing sons!


Part of the fun is you know what varieties you planted, but then sometimes you get a guy like this and you can’t even identify him!  It is SO much fun at harvest time seeing all of the unique one of a kind pumpkins come out of the field!


This gorgeous grayish green pumpkin will soon be a gorgeous grayish blue pumpkin!  Meet Mr. Jarrahdale!  We originally heard about a “blue pumpkin” in 2016 and we knew we just had to try and grow them!


I kind of like that this photo has the vines in focus and not the pumpkin.  The pumpkin could not exist without the hard work of the leaves and vines!


This picture of a real lady bug is a big reason of why we do what we do.  In our fields you will see lady bugs and bees and praying mantises!  We are a haven for beneficial insects because we don’t spray anything that would negatively affect them!


Have I mentioned I can’t wait to harvest?!  I am like a kid in a candy shop when all of these fun pumpkins and gourds are picked!  The only problem is my front porch is only so big!


He’s coming to live with us.  Sorry about that.


The Black Futsus are looking fabulous and plentiful!  Adorable and delicious!!!


We are very happy to offer edible squashes this year like butternut, acorn and delicata!


We would not be where we are today without the help of our friend, Tom Montavon of Charter Grove Honey Farm in Genoa!  Tom supplies our bees for pollination and we are so proud of our little friends for the awesome job they have done this year!  If you haven’t had a chance to try his honey, you gotta get on it!  It is award winning!