My little helper checking the fields this morning said, “There’s a baby pumpkin Mommy!” I love that our boys love pumpkins as much as we do! No growing season comes without it’s challenges though, so read on to find out how we’re doing this year.

Between a wet spring, a mostly dry summer, and common pest problems, pumpkin farming can be downright stressful! We keep getting asked how the pumpkins are coming along and while I wish I had a hard and fast answer, every harvest is always a blessing! We are hopeful to successfully deal with some issues we’re having right now in our field. Some areas look awesome and some look a little touch and go. We’re learning as we go and are committed to being as natural as possible in the process!

These squash bugs are literally little stinkers! Now is the time to deal with them before they grow into adults. We’ll be disposing of infected fruits like this one in a bucket of soapy water and applying an organic neem oil to heavily infected areas. These are practices in keeping in line with our mission statement of being good stewards of the land.

Fortunately, I only spotted these guys in one area of the field so far. Hopefully we can deal with them quickly so they’re unable to do any more damage.

Through the weeds and the insects and some yellow leaves, there are reminders that every little thing is going to be all right. We are hopeful for a fabulous 2017 season full of gorgeous pumpkins like this fella here!